Bitcoin private key lottery

Don't try to scrape this website. Download the source code and run it youself
I don't want to add a Captcha, so thanks to people that run bots against this lottery,
you can only make 2 request per minute.

This lottery will pick a random private key in the Bitcoin key-space and check if it has some balance.
Tell me more about private keys

Source code
Donate BTC: 1EhJyJwzbp7v2ixPT4heM2caUsmWcX36mc
Monero: 47Yk8KgtYyaV2RvzJLQKuuMzhiZD5ktdbNzP6jxsjkdSKD8j81uLRCYXKLFVFtsCbLjbyamGBES58Mi4r8wHEGht8ofEVu7